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One-Line Bio always on the lookout for a good palindrome.


Hi. My name is Maisie. (It rhymes with Daisy.) I'm from Michigan.
I went to college in Rhode Island, went to Italy for a year, and then one day decided to move to Paris.

This blog started when I worked at a newspaper there, so I could tell about my exploration of Paris, funny things that happened on the way to the forum, and the start of my career as a journalist.

Then it followed me to New York City, where I worked at a trade magazine covering men's fashion, and while I wrote fashion reviews for another newspaper there.

But after two years in NYC, I decided I needed a pcae of life that allowed me enough time to blog every now and then! Join me now while I write about my adventures in Denver, where I am soaking up the sun, the free time, and the mountain air.


honesty, massage, wit, kissing, perfume, shoes, crossword puzzles, taking chances, jazzercise, bravery, mail, mafia movies, surprises, improv haiku, shaking my coconuts. laughing until i cry, finding change, guessing, guys who are good at chess, late breakfast, and confidence., rooting for the underdog